December 11, 2009
LIME managers attend training workshop

In its continuing effort to improve the leadership skills of its People Managers, LIME held a People Managers training session last Thursday, December 3.{{more}}

The training session, which took place at the LIME offices at Arnos Vale, heard from Country Manager Angus Steele and was facilitated by newly appointed EVP Windward, Ian Blanchard. All of LIME middle and top managers attended the whole day event.

According to Blanchard “Our managers must demonstrate the correct attitude backed by skills, competence and knowledge as we continue to develop the organization. Improving on Colleague Engagement as well as developing the skills of our people in better understanding themselves, their role within the organization and to share information together as people that manage people are some of the objectives outlined for managers coming out LIME90.”

Blanchard recognized that there needs to be a series of similar workshops as the process of colleague engagement is not a “one-off “. He stressed “this is an ongoing process. We have to continue to identify new leaders and we must learn to mould those persons we inherit, not discourage or discount them if the organization is expected to respond to the challenges we encounter today. We must build strong teams and we sometimes need to have difficult discussions to ensure our people understand when they’re doing right and when they’re doing wrong. When we make a decision and agree on what course of action we take, it is our cabinet responsibility to make this decision work.”

In welcoming EVP Blanchard, Country Manager Angus Steele, expressed the view that the group of managers present at the training are all leaders in their own way, either in their church groups, among their peers, families or communities and said: “Let’s demonstrate internally in the organization what flows naturally outside the organization. If we become better people, those around us who we manage become better people also.”

Twenty three people managers attended the training session with an open mind and expressed the view thatwould welcome the opportunity to participate in similar sessions in the future.