December 11, 2009
Kaliym Woods cops Best Actor Award

HIS DRAMATIC performances helped pack seats at the Peace Memorial Hall, so it was no surprise when brilliant young actor Kaliym Woods was named the best actor for 2009 at the National Commercial Bank, Ministry of Culture Theatre Arts festival Drammy Awards.{{more}}

The red carpet was rolled out on Sunday, December 6, for some of the nation’s finest actors, in an event which mirrored a Hollywood movie premiere. Five groups took part in this year’s festival: The Community College Performing Arts Society, Urban Expression Theatre, Nurses Drama Club, The Methodist Dramatists and the Police Drama Club.

The 21-year-old actor from the Methodist Dramatists said it felt great when his was name was announced. “I felt really good when I won because I know I worked hard,” Woods said. He expressed thanks to his drama group for all the support throughout the years. This year, Woods played a mentally ill prisoner in the production “Behind the Walls”.

In addition, he also copped the People’s Choice Award, beating out two other actors.

However, the night also belonged to Dawn Fraser of the Nurses Drama Club who walked away with the award for the Best Actress of the Festival.

Each group had the opportunity to re-enact small portions of their productions and award members from their group and also actors from other drama clubs.

For the Urban Expressions Theatre, 18-year-old Kemmuel Miller of the Intermediate High School was awarded with the Best Actor award and Roxanne Brudy emerged as Best Actress in their play entitled: “The perfect lie-the life of Granny Mable”. The club’s president, Sean Fredericks, presented both awards.

The Community College Performing Arts Society could barely contain themselves when they were announced as winners of the Best Drama Production for 2009, with their presentation “Old story time”.

Drama Development Officer Martin Quashie and play writer/veteran actor David “Darkie” Williams were awarded for their contribution to drama throughout the years.

Addressing the gathering, Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste beseeched the actors to continue striving for excellence and to learn the art to the best of their abilities. She also implored them to adopt the right attitudes because they never know who might be watching. “You have to take this seriously because when you go overseas they look at the little details,” Baptiste said.

Representative from the National Commercial Bank, Cheryl Rodriguez, said that the bank’s resources were well invested into this year’s festival. She also said that there has been a vast improvement in the coordinating and on-stage performances.(KW)