December 11, 2009

Cruise ship passengers to get LIME hot-spot service

Cruise ship passengers and crew making stops at various Caribbean ports of call will, by the end of December, be able to access the world on-line using High-speed, high-powered WI-FI Internet Hot Spots which are being installed by LIME Caribbean in partnership with World Wi-Fi Network (WWN). The service will also be available to residents on the respective islands who are within range of the WI-FI signal.{{more}}

Already, the Hot Spots in Cayman and BVI have been activated, while others will come on stream by December 31. These will be in Jamaica (Kingston and Montego Bay), Antigua, Barbados, St Kitts and St. Lucia.

Persons wishing to utilise the service can do so using one of two convenient methods-using a credit card or by purchasing scratch-off cards from Hot Spot locations which will be easily identified by distinctive LIME banners which will be displayed at all locations.

Chris Dehring, Chief Marketing Officer for LIME Caribbean, commenting on the introduction of the new service said: “LIME is the leading telecommunications company in the region and our objective is to ensure that everyone across the region has the ability to stay connected 24 hours a day whether they live in the Caribbean or they are here on a short stay or an extended visit. We are confident that this new service will be embraced by thousands of visitors to our islands.”