December 4, 2009
Sir James: Gonsalves, step down!

FORMER Prime Minister and founder of the New Democratic Party Sir James Mitchell has issued a resounding call for Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to throw in the towel and give up power.{{more}}

“I challenge Ralph Gonsalves to come here and give up power the way I did…he love it,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell threw out the challenge at the Victoria Park, on a night which saw a gathering of approximately 12,000 on Saturday, November, 21, as the New Democratic Party continued on their Vote no campaign, which led to the recently concluded vote on the new proposed constitution.

On a night which saw many young persons at the forefront, Mitchell told them the ball is in their court to mark their X’s for No if they want to take back the power. “It is time you take back the power you gave Gonsalves…make him know he’s no ruler, and if you vote no, you will be rescuing St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Mitchell added.

Mitchell further noted that he met Gonsalves recently and told him that he “will be a former Prime Minister and you not making four terms in office.”

Several concerns were also raised by Mitchell regarding certain proposals that would have come into being if the constitution had passed. He pointed out that the government wanted to change the rules to suit themselves and that it was important that the No Vote succeeded.

Mitchell said that taxpayers are being cheated out of their own money and being bribed. “It’s your own tax money they are taking out and bribing you with your own money.”

Other speakers including, NDP leader, Arnhim Eustace, Public Relations Officer, Vynette Frederick and other members of the No Vote team also spoke at the event, which saw Jamaican reggae star Etana bringing down the curtains on Saturday night.