December 4, 2009
LIME customers collect their Christmas Goodie Bags

After week two of the big LIME Christmas Goodie Bag promotion, hundreds of daily winners have been busy visiting the LIME Corporate office on Halifax Street to collect their prizes. But the real fun is for the five winners who have won weekly prizes ranging from supermarket vouchers, to petrol vouchers, to cash.{{more}}

Pam Bonadie of Cane Garden won petrol valued at EC$400; Shern Ottley of Redemption Sharpes, a Motorola A45; Michelle Knights won a supermarket voucher worth US$250; Julian Pierre, a Home Goods voucher worth US$200, and Carmel Browne won US$300 cash.

Carmel Browne was understandably elated and commented: “I am very happy to win and I am off to a good start for Christmas. This money came at a good time when I can invest in something for the house.”

“We continue to excite our customers with our offers. Everyone has a chance to win this Christmas with LIME. When the final draw is done on January 6th, 2010, one lucky customer will walk away with a Grand Prize of $50,000 which they can use to decide how they wish to spend it. It’s all about giving the customer that choice,” said Angus Steele, Country Manager.

Launched on November 16th , the LIME Goodie Bag promotion gives customers six different ways to win – Top Up $20 or more, Text the word XMAS to 5463, Talk for three minutes, Take Up any product or service, Upgrade existing services and Pay Up your bills in full and on time.

The promotion will run until December 31st, 2009. Hundreds of customers continue to win daily and weekly prizes, and a GRAND PRIZE of $50,000. Customers may win multiple times via any of the qualifying methods.