December 4, 2009

House of Hope holds Annual General Meeting

QUEEN’S Counsel Andrew Cummings believes that there is a lack of empathy, compassion and dignity in today’s society.{{more}}

Cummings was the feature speaker at the House of Hope Society’s Annual General Meeting which took place on Saturday November 28, 2009.

Cummings, who read the mission statement of the House of Hope society which states “to serve all people with empathy, compassion and dignity,” said that those qualities were missing in society and commended the society for undertaking the “noble mission”.

“It tells me that you are people of true human worth and wealth,” Cummings said.

Cummings spoke extensively on the state of the society today. He said that persons are concerned with material possessions and making money rather than loving and serving others.

Cummings charged that this philosophy is quickly taking over and persons have to be ready to face a hostile world. He added that in the end, salvation is found through “the quality of your life in terms of your character; in terms of your ability to serve others.”

He urged those present to serve not for honour but with honour as it is the ultimate good.

Cummings noted that HIV/AIDS victims are often subjected to a life of loneliness, rejection and discrimination. He however mentioned two European countries: Norway and Sweden where community members try as much as possible to include HIV/AIDS victims to make them feel a part of the society.

Cummings further commended the House of Hope society on their work with HIV/AIDS victims saying that they are doing the work of God.

The House of Hope Society provides care for HIV/AIDS persons and others who are terminally ill. They are also active in wellness education.

President of the society Reverend Dr Sylvanus Regisford, Chief Operations Officer Anita Nanton and Treasurer Reverend Alric Skerritt also presented reports on the operations of the society over the last year.