November 27, 2009
Reports say polling quiet at most stations throughout island

Excited calm was the order of the day throughout the Windward end of the island on the day when Vincentians went to the polls to vote for a new constitution.{{more}}

Other than the occasional issue of registration mix-ups, which were few and far between, it was business as usual.

“Everybody is calm. we are a free and dignified people. They are expressing that dignity and freedom,” Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves told SEARCHLIGHT.

“People are going about their business with seriousness, reflection and commitment,” he stated.

Gonsalves added that the reports he had received were in sync with his observations.

He was at the time making his rounds at South Rivers saying that he had just returned from Mt Bentick before going on to the rest of the North Central Windward constituency.

And based on the responses given by polling officers, it was quiet at the majority of the stations, he added.

Many opted to vote early; as was evident at some polling stations where the numbers of voters tapered off as the day progressed.

There was still a fairly large number of persons waiting to vote at the Sandy Bay Government School when this newspaper visited that venue.

However, according to one voter, persons were “anxious” to have their vote count.

“It is time for this to be over with,” she commented, saying that many persons would have come to get their vote in before heading off to work.

She, like many others, was lingering outside the polling station in the New Government School in Sandy Bay engaged in casual conversation.

This point was reiterated by members of staff at the various polling stations.

One officer at the polling station at the New Grounds Primary School told SEARCHLIGHT that there were already persons lining up long before the doors were officially opened at 7 a.m.

The same scenario was evident at the Georgetown Secondary School where it was reported that some persons waited in the rain.

But whether it was Richland Park or Sandy Bay, the scene was the same with pockets of persons lining the streets.

There was little talk of referendum, however, just the usual side talk and a general light-hearted attitude. (KW)