November 27, 2009
High Commissioner visits farms in Canada

HIGH Commissioner to Canada, H.E Brendon Browne, recently visited workers from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica and St. Kitts and Nevis who are participating in the Seasonal Agriculture Programme (SWAP) in Canada.{{more}}

He noted that during the last 33 years, the Eastern Caribbean Liaison Service (ECLS) in Toronto, reporting to the Office of the High Commissioner, had done a commendable job of coordinating the participation of thousands of OECS nationals in the farm labour programme.

Browne added that the ECLS had provided “a tremendous service” and “its positive impact has been felt by families throughout the region”.

The high commissioner visited six farms in the St. Catherine’s and Newmarket regions of Ontario, where he met with owners, all of whom reported positive experiences with the programme.

A statement from the High Commission said: “The highlight of the … visit was to meet with nationals from the OECS currently working on these farms to enquire about their wellbeing and experience for the 2009 season.

“All indications were that the workers from the various islands welcomed the visit and conveyed expressions of gratitude for such a valuable programme, which continues to help alleviate the unemployment situation in the region”.