November 20, 2009
SCL website not available

As Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves questions whether Henley and Partners is a financial backer of Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), political pundits are also questioning the credibility of the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) consultant Nigel Oakes, head of SCL.{{more}}

One of the questions being raised relates to whether Oakes had indeed studied Psychology at the University College London (UCL).

When questioned about this on Monday, Oakes, in an exclusive interview, told SEARCHLIGHT: “I did not study as a degree student at the UCL. I never claimed to study there. I did one group there which is a psychology group and that is what I still do.”

He disclosed that he led a team of people as part of a working group at the University College London.

Following the prime minister’s controversial press conference on Monday, persons trying to access the SCL’s website were unable to do so as the sites were shut down.