Publishing label launched in SVG
November 20, 2009

Publishing label launched in SVG

A new publishing label, SFI Books, was launched recently in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

A label of the independent publisher Strategy Forum Inc., an SFI book is “both a medium of beauty and a tool for engaging the world and building communities of practice”, a release from Strategy Forum Inc said.{{more}} “The label is a vehicle for sharing Caribbean thought and ideas with the rest of the world and entering the ongoing global conversation.”

Rhonda King, founder and managing director of Strategy Forum Inc, contends that the Caribbean is a unique creation for which globalization is not a new experience. Born out of several nations battling for ownership of the islands, the Caribbean became a place where many peoples were brought together. In spite of the unavoidable resulting tension, Caribbean people have been able to navigate their own global space successfully and achieve peaceful and productive ends. Continues King: “Globalization has already happened to us. We have been living it long before the term became fashionable.” It is that success which places a responsibility on the Region to enter the global dialogue and share its unique experience. “An SFI book is the medium through which that unique experience is shared.”

SFI recognizes that the global society is also a visual society, where people must be stimulated visually if the message is to be transmitted successfully. The aesthetic appeal of books published under the SFI label is, therefore, key in their creation; design becomes as critical to conveying the message as the medium itself. Under the SFI label, each book remains a work of art while being a conduit for sharing valuable information and insight, from a perspective that is peculiarly Caribbean.

Working on a shoestring budget and buoyed by a compelling vision, SFI is not deterred by these limitations but uses innovative business practices and the best technology available to create timely products that achieve the objective-to create printed works of art that are a tool for engaging the world and building communities of practice.

Books are now available online at and will soon be available at select books stores in Kingstown.