Kenley is ‘Yes  Vote’ Junior Calypso champ
November 20, 2009

Kenley is ‘Yes Vote’ Junior Calypso champ

Kenley Baptiste is the ‘Yes Vote’ campaign junior calypso monarch.{{more}}

Performing ‘Vote for me’, Baptiste said that he was surprised on hearing the announcement.

“I didn’t think I was going to win,” the 14-year-old Ottley Hall resident told SEARCHLIGHT.

On Saturday, November 14, seven young calypsonians graced the stage at the Grammar School grounds, including seasoned junior performers Felicia ‘Nubian Empress’ Alexander and Fylicia ‘Fay Fay’ John, Kaela Barrett, Larreon Mapp and Lee Bullock.

Baptiste, himself no stranger to competition, beat out Barrett and Mapp into the 3rd and 2nd spots, respectively.

Both performances were well received, particularly Mapp’s with ‘Now is the time’.

His overall delivery and lyrical content put him in contention for the crown.

Barrett’s performance was also outstanding.

She is considered unlucky in having to settle for the third spot with her song: ‘We voting yes’. But it was Baptiste all the way.

The Victoria Centre student said that he has nothing to show from previous competitions, but said he felt excited that he came out on top.

“I sang for Carnival, but have nothing – but now I have something from the ‘Vote Yes’ competition,” he explained.

He said that he did not have much confidence in his performance, but is happy with the turn of events.

A calypsonian in the making, Baptiste said that he hopes to use this victory as a stepping stone to a career in the business.

“I am feeling very proud. I knew he had a lot of potential,” said Victor Byron.

Byron, a teacher at the Centre, wrote the lyrics and melody for Baptiste and, according to him, the young man performed exceptionally well.

There was only one week to get prepared and Byron said his student was given the lyrics only a few days before competition day.

“He (Baptiste) learnt the lyrics in one day. He is intelligent!” Byron exclaimed.

Baptiste said that he was going to put his prize money to good use.

“I am from a poor family, so I am very happy for this money to help myself,” he said.

On October 30, an adult ‘Vote Yes’ calypso competition was held, with Brother Ebony emerging victorious. (DD)