Murray cementing  her future with craft
November 13, 2009

Murray cementing her future with craft

After hours of mixing concrete, Christallia Murray turns out creative, beautiful structures suited to beautify any home or garden.{{more}}

Murray, who retired at 52, had previously worked at VINLEC for about 20 years. She began making structures from concrete as a means of finding something creative to do. Her creations first began when a search for flower bed edgings were futile.

“I couldn’t find any, anywhere,” Murray related.

She then decided that she could make them herself. Using molds, she poured concrete mixture into them then added paint for a pleasant finish.

Murray who resides at Akers, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, said that she likes working with cement and concrete and explained that no one product she creates is the same, as the concrete may settle in a different way in each mold.

Her artwork was featured at the recent Horticultural Exhibition at the UWI Open Campus and featured products such as large flower pots with intricate grapevine designs, garden pedestals, creatures such as rabbits, lizards, and mischievous-looking gargoyles and garden gnomes. She also makes pavers, wall décor, birdbaths, benches and stepping stones all from concrete.

Murray admitted that making the items is a bit labour intensive, but she loves creating them none the less. “I like the idea of a woman working with concrete, but making incredible things,” Murray said.

Murray has a wide collection available and has already sold pieces to persons, including garden lovers. Her collection can be viewed and purchased at her home in Akers, Mesopotamia, at E.D. Layne’s and Sons, Arnos Vale, or online at