November 6, 2009
Youths awarded

On Thursday, October 29, 21 young persons were awarded for their outstanding achievement in academics, sports, tourism, business and youth development.{{more}}

The National Youth Awards 2009 was put on by the Youth Affairs Department in collaboration with Korean Divine Designs and was held at the Faith Temple Church in New Montrose under the theme: “Youth understanding the struggle in difficult times”.

Giving a brief oversight of the awards, Assistant Youth Officer Philcol Peters noted that the awards are geared mainly towards recognising the achievements of youth in different categories and disciplines. He further noted that the department’s aim is to promote national recognition in all sectors of development.

In 2007, a decision was made to extend the fields from 14 to 30 awards so as to capture more youth and give more recognition. The various fields include: Music, drama, dance, trade, sports, tourism, science, and technology.

Minister of National Mobilisation Mike Browne told the gathering that there is never any progress in life without a struggle. Browne also noted that the education revolution has afforded many young persons opportunities that did not exist in the past.

Feature Speaker, Senator/Lawyer Rochelle Forde admonished the young persons not to use the existence of difficulties as an excuse not to try. “It is only through struggle we can truly appreciate the victory…the best way to deal with adversity is to be vested with the tool of empowerment,” Forde urged.

The young lawyer stated that we live in a time of opportunities that helps to expand our horizons wider than anytime before. “Do not only dream, dream big and pursue your dreams with intensity,” she implored.

Youth Officer Carlos Williams, while delivering brief remarks, issued a call for serious and dedicated youth workers to help in the development of young persons.

Other persons were awarded with certificates for volunteering in Youth Service.

Performances also came from the South East Pan Side and a beautiful rendition by the Tucker family. The Youth Awards were sponsored by Korean Williams.