October 30, 2009
New voters registered

During the past three months, over 23,000 persons registered to have new National Identity Cards.{{more}}

Rene Baptiste, Minister of Electoral Matters, told Parliament on Friday, October 23, 2009, this information was recently received from the Electoral Office.

The minister noted during the same period 1,361 new voters were registered.

Baptiste, however, revealed that the Voters’ List stood at 92, 945 on September 30, 2009. This figure was reduced to 92,653 by October 20, 2009, as efforts were made to clean the list as new voters were added.

During the months of July to September, 91 first time registrants were added in North Windward, while 1,584 voters re-registered. North Central Windward had 96 persons registering for the first time and 1,700 re-registering. South Central Windward had 73 new registrants and 1,175 persons re-registering.

South Windward had 46 new registrants and 1,217 voters re-registering. Marriaqua had 68 first time registrants and 1,550 re-registrants. West St.George had 50 first timers and 1,411 re-registrants. East St.George had 153 first registrants and 1,657 persons who had previously registered.

East Kingstown had 94 first time persons registering to vote and 1,239 re-registrants. Central Kingstown had 92 first time registrants and 1,221 re-registrants. West Kingstown had 264 first timers and 1,776 re-registrants. South Leeward tallied 132 first time registrants and 1,763 original registrants. Central Leeward saw 85 first time I.D holders registering and 1,434 re-registrant.

North Leeward had 81 new registrants and 1,709 re-registrants. The North Grenadines had 1 first timer and 1,300 original registrants, while Southern Grenadines had 35 new I.D holders and 862 registrants from the past.

Baptiste used the opportunity to announce that the main operation of the Electoral Office has been moved to the building formerly known as “Plumbers Mart” on Egmont Street. Only the production centre will remain at the previous location.

“This will give the production people more time to work on the cards,” said Baptiste.

The new building became operational on Monday, October 26, 2009. The public is advised to visit the new office for all administrative matters.(HN)