Nine beauties set for Miss Heritage Pageant
October 23, 2009
Nine beauties set for Miss Heritage Pageant

Nine intelligent, talented and delightful young ladies from secondary schools across the nation will grace the stage at the Arnos Vale Playing Field later this evening in the Girls’ High School Miss Heritage Pageant.{{more}}

The pageant, which is part of the 2009 Vincy Homecoming calendar of activities, will see participation from the Bishop’s College Kingstown, the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, the Bethel High School, the North Union Secondary School, the Sandy Bay Secondary School, the George Stephens Secondary School and host school, the Girls’ High School. The Compton College in Peterborough, England, is the school representing the diaspora.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke with several of the students recently during one of their practice sessions:

Ackelia Cornwall – St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua:  This 15-year-old student personifies confidence and positivity. Cornwall said she is confident going into this evening’s show and patrons can expect nothing but the best from her. Cornwall is an enthusiastic cricket player who recently represented this country in the under-19 girls team. When she’s not playing between the stumps, Ackelia writes poems in her spare time. Her future goal is to become a teacher.

Tish-Suzette McCoy – North Union Secondary School: Tish-Suzette is focused on one thing this evening, and that is to take the Miss Heritage crown home to her school. “I am aiming for that prize tonight, and I am ready,” she confidently said. Tish-Suzette, who hails from Sandy Bay, is promising patrons that they are going to get their money’s worth at this evening’s event. In her spare time, Tish likes to cook and play netball. She, too, is eyeing a career in the teaching profession.

Rickesha Marshall – Bishop’s College Kingstown: Rickesha is no stranger to pageants, having entered five previous shows. A fifth form student, Rickesha is not letting the cat out of the bag about what she’s going to do later on, but promises “It will be a cultural package like never before seen.” Rickesha is a member of the National Dance Company and has been dancing for the past seven years. In her spare time, she enjoys acting and singing. With her wealth of experience, Rickesha says she is confident that the crown will be going to her school later tonight. Her passion also lies in the area of teaching.

Jamisha Delpesche – The Bethel High School: Jamisha knew nothing about the Miss Heritage pageant until her teachers told her she was being entered. “I didn’t know about it, but since they were persistent, I just finally got around to it and went on from there,” she recounted. The fifth former said that persons will not be disappointed by her performance or that of any of the other girls. The budding lawyer is urging Vincentians to come out in their numbers and support talent and culture.

Shanique Browne – Thomas Saunders Secondary School: Shanique is proud to be representing her school and says she will do her best to make sure her school wins the crown. Shanique, who enjoys dancing and singing, admitted that she is fired up about what she has to offer at the show. Shanique hopes to become a fashion designer.

Shanice Fife – Student from the Diaspora:  Shanice lives all the way in England, so when she saw the show being advertised on the Internet, she viewed participation as an opportunity to escape the chilly weather and bask in the Vincy sun. Fife, the niece of former Miss SVG Michelle Fife, represents the Compton College in Peterborough, England. Fife said that she has a well-rounded performance in store for persons attending the show and said she would be representing all Vincentians living in the diaspora. In her spare time, you can find Shanice listening to music and socializing with her friends.

Elizabeth Rickards – The Girls’ High School:  Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth possibly has the most pressure on her since she represents the host school, the Girls’ High School. However, she doesn’t seem to be daunted: “I am very proud to represent my school and I am glad that we have extended the in-school pageant to other schools,” she stated. Rickards, an avid art and science enthusiast said that Vincentians will not regret their decision when they turn up to the show. Elizabeth’s ambition is to become a plastic surgeon.

The other contestants are Shelly-Ann Ballantyne and Tishorn Smart from the Sandy Bay and the George Stephens Secondary Schools, respectively. The show begins promptly at 7 pm.