Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty turns one
October 16, 2009
Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty turns one

An organization devoted to promoting rights for all is celebrating its first year of operation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

The Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty (TIRL) Inc., which was officially launched on October 12, 2008, believes in making persons aware of their fundamental rights.

The group held an exhibition on Tuesday under the theme “Sounding the call on inalienable rights for all”. Making opening remarks, Chairman Calvert Baptiste stressed that “No other individual has the right to infringe upon rights and freedoms that are inalienable and that were given to you by the creator God.”

A new nine-chapter student textbook on children’s rights and freedoms, which was compiled by Ann-Marie John, a member of the group, was presented. The book includes songs, dialogue and other activities, and, according to Jeanell James, is suited for children in primary school.

James spoke about a study conducted by TIRL which links the prominence of violence in schools to the fact that “students do not know their fundamental rights.” James added that the violence among students is a serious problem in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

James indicated that eighty-three per cent of the sample responded to the questionnaire. Eleven out of fourteen responses accepted the rights education initiative. This initiative involves teaching children about the rights of others and how to respect those rights from a very young age. By creating this foundation, children will develop fundamental morals and values and will eventually result in the reduction of violence among children in schools.

Other presentations were made by Ann Marie John who looked at the year in review and Anesia Baptiste who gave a speech on Constitution Reform in SVG. The TIRL’s website ( presented to the audience by Shefflorn Ballantyne and other presentations included a photo slide show and a video presentation by a Trinidadian TIRL representative Nyron Medina.

The academic achievements of the members of the organization’s executive were also recognized during the ceremony.