Two more win big with LIME
October 9, 2009
Two more win big with LIME


Sherry St Hill and Adiel Reece are the latest persons to win prizes from LIME in their various promotions.{{more}}

When Hill, the winner of a BlackBerry Gemini smartphone which is “TEMPO-ized” with videos, music and ringtones from TEMPO, collected her prize, the elated Troumaca resident said: “I like these text promotions because there is always a chance that you can win. I was, however, very surprised and excited when I was told that I won. The Blackberry smartphones are the handsets of choice for everyone these days and I am now part of the BlackBerry Revolution. All my friends can now have my pin.”

Not to be outdone, Adiel Reece of Cane Garden picked up his prize of a Lenovo laptop also from LIME on Tuesday.

Said Adiel: “What I like about the Lenovo laptop computer is its mobility.

It is small, light-weight and full of features. I am so happy that I won this device. I can now take it around and log into any wireless network and surf the Internet, thanks to LIME.”

Country Manager, Angus Steele commented: “LIME is the Caribbean’s only full service provider and we have been working with several manufacturers and suppliers to give benefit to our customers in the Caribbean. Look out for more great offers coming soon and our customers can rest assured that they will be in for a treat.”