Thomas Saunders students now decked out in blazers
October 9, 2009
Thomas Saunders students now decked out in blazers

Another milestone was reached this week by the students of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School.{{more}}

This week, students of forms three to five wore the school’s new blazers at general assembly on Monday.

The maroon colored, black lined jackets, with the school’s logo on the left breast, compliments the white shirts, black pants and black and maroon ties.

They are to be worn to school every Monday and on special occasions.

The Thomas Saunders Secondary is only the second school in this country to have blazers as part of its uniform; the other being the 101-year-old St. Vincent Grammar school.

Earlier this term, Principal John Renton announced that this academic year the school will be offering up students for CSEC examinations, the first time in its five-year history.

Meanwhile, President of the school’s newly elected Executive of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Duggie “Nose” Joseph, has pledged along with the other members to work to ensure that Thomas Saunders Secondary School is a model amongst secondary schools in this country.

Speaking following his election last Thursday, October 1st, Joseph said that he intends to ensure that under his watch, the school excels in discipline and that it lives up to its academic expectations.

The other members of the Executive are: Vice President, Doris Mc Intosh; Secretary, Jasmine Smith; Assistant Secretary, Susan Pope; Treasurer, Michael Cyrus; P.R.O, Jennifer Richardson; Committee members: Debra Bailey, Jean Carter, Kathleen Joyles and Jacquelyn Pinder.

The Thomas Saunders Secondary School first opened its doors in September 2005.