October 9, 2009
LIME brings Cross Product Bundle Value package


LIME customers in St Vincent and the Grenadines can now benefit from having their fixed line, mobile and broadband services bundled All-in-One. This announcement came earlier this week from LIME, this country’s only full service provider.{{more}}

Previously, LIME customers taking all three services were unable to merge these services on one bill. This situation has now changed since the National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission approved an application from LIME to allow for Cross Product Bundle Value package.

Country Manager Angus commented. “this is the first service of its kind which provides us an opportunity to leverage or position as the ONLY full Telecommunications service provider in the Vincentian market. It has been a long time coming. LIME customers in St Vincent and the Grenadines are the first in the Caribbean who can bundle their services and it has been lots of hard work to get us to this stage. The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission approved our application for bundled services and customers will begin to get the real benefits of bundling once they decide to sign up for the feature,” Steele continued.

LIME customers can choose from two bundles and get monthly savings plus savings on installation fee for new sign ups.

1. Bundle1 – Customers with two services; (Fixed line and Mobile) can get a monthly discount of $15.

2. Bundle2 – Customers with three services; (Fixed line, broadband and Mobile) can get $25monthly discount once they sign up for the cross product bundle package.

Customer will receive a single bill with two or three services depending on the bundle. Additionally, a single account is now created, hence billing dates will now be on 7th, 14th or 21st of the each month depending on your current fixed line and billing date thus reducing the billing dates from four to three.