October 2, 2009
October is Financial Information Month

The importance of saving and investment by individuals is being emphasised this month, which has been designated Financial Information Month 2009.{{more}}

Under the sponsorship of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) and a number of local financial institutions, events have been organised around the theme Save and Invest Today … Enjoy Tomorrow.

According to the organisers, it is anticipated that as a result of these events and the participation of financial institutions, the media, private and public sector bodies and community groups, Vincentians will be better educated on financial matters generally.

A statement from the organisers said: “Financial Information Month, celebrated in October each year, is one of the programmes through which financial education is delivered.

“It is a month in which special focus is placed on improving the public’s understanding of financial and economic issues. The theme this year, “Save and Invest Today…Enjoy Tomorrow”, seeks to emphasise savings, wise investments and long-term financial planning as key concepts to building a secure future.

“The logo portrays a royal blue piggy bank promoting the concepts of regular savings, prudent spending guided by a savings plan, and investing for the future.

“Royal blue, which is synonymous with hope, will-power and strength, represents the financial success available to everyone who adheres to these principles.”

Financial experts will visit schools, participate in radio discussion, publish specialty newspaper articles, air finance tips on radio, sponsor primary schools’ short story contest, hold a coin drive for schools and entreat church leaders to base sermons on the theme of the month.

“It is expected that these initiatives will empower all persons to make the types of investment and spending choices that will allow each individual to build wealth, become financially secure and retire in comfort,” the organisers added.