Fresh, clean start to new school year at St. Mary’s RC
September 11, 2009
Fresh, clean start to new school year at St. Mary’s RC

The students of the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School were buzzing with excitement on Monday, and they had ample reason for that feeling.{{more}}

Apart from the start of the new school year, the children returned to new bathroom facilities. Thanks to a $50,000 donation by the Social Investment Fund (SIF) and with the help of the Parent Teacher Association, the school installed 23 pieces of washroom equipment in the male and female washrooms. The entire operation cost $98,000.

A handful of the eager students wasted no time in testing the new facilities. Some even posed for the cameras while washing their hands. The boys’ bathroom has four toilets, three urinals and five washbasins, while they girls’ bathroom comes with six toilets and five face basins.

An elated Sister Ivy Pacheco, Headteacher of the school, says she is quite pleased with the start of the new school year and expressed her satisfaction that all the children were able to fit in comfortably on the first day of school. Pacheco noted that it was the hard work and dedication by the parents and teachers over the summer that was instrumental in having everything in order for the beginning of school.

“I am generally happy with what I am seeing here today and I am thankful to God that we were able to get through in the time that we did,” she noted.

Other work was done around the school including the repair of the Public Address system, painting of the classrooms and replacement of some of the louvers. (KW)