September 11, 2009
Charlemagne heads ECCCL

Terrance Charlemagne of St. Lucia has been elected Chairman of the Eastern Caribbean Co-operative Central Ltd (ECCCL).{{more}}

Charlemange was elected at the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the ECCCL, held during the seventh OECS Credit Summit on August 22nd, 2009, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Charlemagne, as the incoming Chairman, stated that the leadership of the sector requires a unified financial and development infrastructure if it is to ensure greater wealth creation and equitable income distribution for its constituents in the sub region.

He also emphasized that cooperatives have the potential to resolve some of our inherent socio-economic problems. These problems include: reducing poverty, increasing access to information, increasing access to financial capital, human resource development and education and increased agricultural productivity.

The ‘Central’, as it is referred to in the movement, will play a pivotal role in advancing cooperation amongst Credit Unions while promoting the growth, development and self sustainability of shareholder credit unions through advocacy; coordinating the collective resources of the movement; facilitating education and training opportunities; and providing for the monitoring and enabling of credit union best practices.

Charlemange will be supported on the Board of Directors by Vice Chairman Aaron Moses of Grenada, Secretary Ellis Southwell of Antigua and Barbuda, Treasurer Sylvia Sutherland of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Director Sydney Newton of St. Kitts and Nevis and Director Clement Carty of Dominica.

ECCCL was registered in September 2006 as a Co-operative business organisation.