LIME juices up Fancy with new cell site
September 4, 2009
LIME juices up Fancy with new cell site

Two years ago when LIME Country Manager Angus Steele started his contract here, one of the first places he visited was Fancy, and the experience was one that he never allowed his colleagues at LIME to forget. He could not make a mobile phone call while in Fancy, and the people there felt disconnected from the rest of the country. Now that is history.{{more}} Last Saturday he led his team to Fancy to celebrate the opening of a mobile cell site in that village.

Steele recounted: “When I arrived here I wasn’t happy with our coverage on this side of the island and we set about to change that. I can now boast that when you leave the city, you can now drive all the way to Fancy with minimum disruptions. St Vincent is a difficult place to network because of its topography, so I am particularly proud that we have added cell sites at Yambou and Fancy to fill those gaps in our network. What was once thought an engineering feat, the LIME engineers mastered that feat with a network of radio and cable. I always say to my staff that I am not concerned about who does it first but who does it best. I am proud to see a proper network designed to give quality service to the people of Fancy.”

“For years we have been planning this network and it was quite a challenge to get to where we are today. Our network is a combination of a 16 Megabit radio link from Overland to Point and cable from Point to Fancy. We are still fine-tuning the network but this is a far cry better than what existed up until LIME introduced proper mobile coverage in the village,” said Anthony Balcombe Manager Technology Operations.

The LIME entourage arrived at Fancy at 11 am with a fantastic offer where the residents were treated to a Double Bubble and handsets as low as $50. For the entire day, there was a steady flow of residents taking advantage of this fantastic offer.

This project was well supported by the entire Fancy community and saw persons like Ras Eddie Mofford, David Nanton and other members of the community assisting the LIME engineers in moving various sets of equipment, including the generator, into position to make construction possible. The management and staff of LIME thank all the people of Fancy for the tremendous support during the life of the project. Special mention must also go to Andrew Lewis and the Ballantyne brothers of Fancy.