August 28, 2009
LIME’s new CEO visits SVG

LIME colleagues were delighted to meet three of the telecoms company’s top executives last week.{{more}}

David Shaw, the recently named CEO for LIME Caribbean, visited St Vincent on August 20th. He was accompanied by Usha Avatar, Vice President of Engagement, and Sutcliffe Hodge, Executive Vice President Windwards.

During their visit they met with Minister of Telecommunications, Dr. Jerrol Thompson, corporate customers and LIME employees.

Shaw said: “It was good to see and speak with colleagues here in St Vincent and the Grenadines. I can only manage people if I get a feel for who they are and the conditions under which they are asked to function. Every island I have visited so far has its own peculiarities, and St Vincent is no different. I recognize the similarities that exist among the countries, but I am also cognisant of the unique differences that make this region so diverse.”

Avatar had visited St Vincent on many occasions previously, but this was her first visit as a LIME executive. She described the visit as “very useful” and said: “I want to hear from our colleagues myself to measure their level of engagement. We have a great business, but it is important that colleagues become engaged and enjoy their jobs.”

Country Manager Angus Steele said he was very happy to meet the three executives “so they could have a feel for our operations on the ground. I am sure the first hand knowledge gained will assist Mr Shaw in seeing the local businesses from a fresh perspective.”

LIME SVG is one of the 13 business units that Shaw will visit over the next two weeks as he travels across the Caribbean.