August 28, 2009
Compensation for information

Anyone in possession of information concerning a crime of praedial larceny, which can lead to the culprits being brought to justice, will be compensated by the Ministry of Agriculture.{{more}}

This was disclosed by this country’s Chief Agricultural Officer Reuben Robertson as he spoke on Tuesday about measures that are being employed by his ministry to address the problem.

“We are calling on all citizens of St.Vincent and the Grenadines who have information. We are prepared to compensate persons who have information about some of these unscrupulous persons who are perpetrators who are engaged in these practices to come forward and provide the information and the Ministry of Agriculture will find a way to address your concern,” said Robertson.

Robertson said many farmers across the state are frustrated and the Ministry of Agriculture, the police, and the Central Government have to do whatever they can to stem the issue of praedial larceny. He said by introducing measures to address the problems, farmers will regain confidence in their trade.

Meanwhile, farmers and other investors in the Agricultural Sector such as fisher folk now have a means through which all reports, problems and complaints affecting their farms or investments can be lodged.

This Complaints Desk can be used to seek other technical information on issues that can assist them in making informed decisions when necessary.

Farmers can now call 456-1410 and request to be connected to Extension 29 where a clerk will take the information and pass it on to the relevant persons. The desk will be managed initially through the office of the Chief Agricultural Officer.(HN)