SVG is destination for bridal magazine photo-shoot
August 21, 2009
SVG is destination for bridal magazine photo-shoot

As part of its drive to promote St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a destination for weddings and honeymoons, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority (SVGTA) has been courting international and regional bridal magazines to consider the island as a destination for photographic shoots.{{more}}

With a crew of ten persons, Bridal Guide magazine recently took the opportunity to use these sunny shores as a scenic backdrop for their photographs, which will appear in the January/February and March/April issues of the publication. The group arrived on Sunday, August 9, and departed last Friday, August 14.

SVGTA Marketing Officer Victoria Elliodore spoke to SEARCHLIGHT about the experience. She explained that earlier this year, the organisation’s public relations agency, Spring O’Brien, had manoeuvered a meeting between representatives from Bridal Guide and the SVGTA at one of the largest trade shows in Germany. Following successful discussions, plans for the trip were made.

Elliodore related that the SVGTA is aiming to tap into four niche markets within the Tourism sector. That is, weddings and honeymoons, eco-adventure, sailing and diving – with sailing being the biggest focus currently. “We want to push a bit more into sailing, but when the opportunity comes up for weddings and honeymoons, we take it!” Elliodore noted that the international and regional markets do not yet see SVG as a wedding/honeymoon destination. “We’re trying to make them more aware.”

The Bridal Guide team carried out their photo-shoots across 3 locations – Young Island, mainland St. Vincent, and Canouan. On the mainland, they used the St. George’s Cathedral and the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church as venues; and in Canouan they used the Tamarind Beach Hotel and Raffles Resort.

On Tuesday, August 8, SEARCHLIGHT spent some time with the team at their church venues, and was greeted by an exuberant and cheerful bunch. The general consensus was that they greatly enjoyed their stay on the island – no complaints whatsoever! Freelance photographer Luciana Pampalone, who has over fifteen years experience with clients in the U.S. and internationally (including Dove, In Style and Christian Dior Bridal), was impressed with the scenery and ambience of the island; whilst Art Director Mary Cate Godfrey fell in love with the local cuisine. “The food was great!” she gushed.

The rest of the Bridal Guide team included: Naima DiFranco, Fashion and Beauty Editor; Maureen Choi, Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor; Anthony Puopolo, Digital Technician; Xiuling Nikki Wang, Hair and Make-up Stylist; Stephanie DeBalko, Fashion Stylist; and three models. Spring O’Brien Representative Ulku Erucar also traveled with the team.

Elliodore added that next year, the SVGTA plans to approach other magazines for similar ventures. Currently it is targeting a popular regional magazine. “Instead of simply just advertising [in the magazines], we can do something like this!”

Bridal Guide is a popular international magazine that deals with all aspects of the wedding/honeymoon process, including fashion, decoration, relationship advice and travel. The publication has been in circulation for 25 years and is owned by publishing company RFP LLC.

To its credit, Bridal Guide’s close-knit team exuded a vibrancy and positivity that was in stark contrast to the horror stories one often hears about demanding camera crews. We can only hope that this was, in part, due to the luscious beauty that SVG provided. Bridal Guide, don’t forget to tell your friends about us!