Riggs Construction donates to Du Bois Primary School
July 3, 2009
Riggs Construction donates to Du Bois Primary School

Michael De Riggs, former resident of Vermont, made good a promise to supply the Du Bois Government School with a complete set of soccer uniforms and a variety of school supplies.{{more}}

The supplies were handed over to Headteacher Artis Robinson and games teacher Keith Ollivierre on Tuesday, June 30.

The gift also includes a table tennis set, soccer and tennis balls, note books, pens, pencils, folders, erasers, rulers, and library books. Robinson thanked the donor for a very thoughtful and useful gift.

The school’s soccer team now has a full uniform, with shirts, pants and socks for two goal keepers and twelve players. They also received five soccer balls and a quantity of tennis balls for soft ball cricket and rounders.

This is the second occasion that Michael, proprietor of Riggs Construction is presenting sporting and other supplies to primary schools here. On a previous occasion, Riggs Construction provided the Fancy Govt school with school supplies, including uniforms for that school’s soccer team. His vision is to create interest in soccer in the rural areas as he is of the opinion that there is where most of the sporting talent lies and which needs the necessary support and exposure. Donald De Riggs handed over the gift on behalf of his cousin Michael De Riggs, of Riggs Construction, NY.