Police offer Scholarship to Myesha
July 3, 2009
Police offer Scholarship to Myesha

When eight-year-old Myesha Williams was knocked down by a police vehicle while on a pedestrian crossing, there was much public speculation as to what her fate would be. After being airlifted to Trinidad for emergency medical attention, doctors there have confirmed that she is set to make a full recovery.{{more}}

At a press conference held on Wednesday, June 24, Police Commissioner Keith Miller announced that the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) will be providing the youngster with a full academic scholarship. He further divulged that the Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is in full agreement with this, and wants to contribute even more towards her education.

Miller also shared that Myesha’s aunt, who initially accompanied her to Trinidad, has returned to the island and is keeping him abreast of her progress. He appeared relieved that Myesha’s prognosis is a positive one, and assured the public that “investigations are continuing.”

Additionally, Miller related that the driver of the vehicle that struck Myesha, Police Constable Dominic O’Garro, has shown extreme remorse. “No one wants to be involved in an accident,” Miller explained. Miller confirmed that he has received many reports and statements concerning the accident, and the ongoing investigation will determine who is at fault.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Myesha’s great-grandmother Esther Woodley confided that despite suffering swelling to the brain and a fractured mandible (jaw bone), Myesha is expected to make a full recovery. Although she has been discharged from the St Clair Medical Centre, Myesha will remain in Trinidad for a while, so that she can undergo weekly checkups with a doctor.

Woodley lamented the fact that Myesha is now walking with a limp and that her speech has been impeded by a jaw brace, but is optimistic that these problems will be rectified as her therapy continues. However, Woodley was reluctant to make a firm statement about the proposed scholarship for her great-granddaughter because the RSVGPF has not contacted her about the matter as yet. “I don’t know about that. I heard people saying that, but I don’t know about it.”

In the June 12, 2009, issue of SEARCHLIGHT, it was reported that Myesha Williams had been knocked down by a jeep attached to the Criminal Investigation Department of the RSVGPF, which was being driven by PC Dominic O’Garro.

According to eye witnesses and the young girl’s sister, Myesha had been in the process of crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing in the vicinity of the National Lotteries Authority Tennis Court at Richmond Hill, when she was struck. (JSV)