June 26, 2009
‘Seen and Heard’ Art and Poetry exhibition

Patrons were treated to a delightful medley of poetry and paintings at the ‘Seen and Heard’ exhibition, which took place at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on Friday, June 19th.{{more}}

Spearheaded by Vonnie Roudette, Art lecturer at the St. Vincent Community College, the idea for this exhibition originated from a panel discussion held in March 2009. It was designed to be a celebration of the creativity of women through art and poetry.

In opening remarks, Roudette suggested that society can be transformed through creative expression, which can manifest in many forms, and that such expressions should be encouraged and not stifled. “Women’s consciousness is a healing force in society.” She further pointed out that her experience as an Art Teacher has allowed her to witness how therapeutic expressing one’s feelings can be. “I’ve seen creativity transform young lives!” she enthused.

Venezuelan Ambassador Yoel Perez Marcano also gave brief remarks. He remarked: “Painting and poetry, along with all the aesthetic expressions of men and women… are the most marvellous heritage of humanity… (It) also represents… the life of those… who have been destined to convert the light and word on the edifice of love and pleasure, which forms the base of all civilisation.”

Several women shared their poetry, which was well received by the audience. They include: Alisa Alvis, Nelcia Robinson-Marshall, Felicia George, Clare John, Janique-ka John, Debra Providence, Janeele Jackson, Jacinta Hope-Knights and Rhonda King.

There was artwork on display by Shanelle Bascombe, Natana McLean, Marsha Cadougan, Vonnie Roudette, Narissa Ballantyne, Amanda Frederick, Karen DeFreitas-Fraser, Caroline Sardine, Jacinta Hope-Knights, and Shonette Bynoe.(JSV)