Cops startled by explosion at station
June 26, 2009
Cops startled by explosion at station

In order to allow them to write their end of year exams, the seven secondary school boys who detonated fireworks outside the Calliaqua Police station have been temporarily released in the care of their guardians.{{more}}

For a short while, police officers scrambled to high alert and prepared for any eventuality, when at around 4:25pm on Monday, June 22nd, a loud explosion was heard just outside the main entrance to the station.

Seven boys, aged 13-15, in what was intended to be a prank, detonated the device, which made an ear-shattering sound, and filled the atmosphere with smoke and the smell of sulphur.

The seven boys, who attend various secondary schools around the country, were eventually rounded up, questioned and statements were recorded before they were released.

One police source told SEARCHLIGHT that initially, when the guardians were summoned, the attitude of some left a lot to be desired, but once the gravity of the situation was explained, the parents were really upset with their teenage charges.

For a few hours after the incident, the unfamiliar sight of police crime scene tape surrounded the front of the station, with persons gathered across the road from the station discussing what had happened.

“Suppose the police did panic and start shooting, what stupidness those boys find themselves doing?” asked one resident, as those gathered generally dismissed the youngsters’ action as being foolish, and not funny at all.

A police source told SEARCHLIGHT that options are still being examined as to what actions will be taken against the young men when their exams are finished. (KJ)