June 26, 2009
Aquatic Club owner disappointed with students’ behaviour

Although owner of the Aquatic Club, Sinclair Robinson, is highly displeased with the behaviour of some students of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College at their recent graduation ball, he is reassuring that it will not affect the next batch of Community College students wishing to host an event at the club.{{more}}

Robinson said that what he saw from the students on Monday, June 22nd at a function dubbed “Transitions – A Red Carpet Affair”, was highly unacceptable, but said he will not make future college students pay for what transpired that night.

“Young people make mistakes sometimes and you just have to give them the opportunity to redeem themselves. I believe that the young people just got carried away and I would hope in the future that they have more respect for themselves,” Robinson noted.

Saying he did not wish to go into detail of exactly what took place involving the students, Robinson said he has since spoken to the organizers of the event and they have expressed remorse and assured that it will not happen again.

Robinson however said he was shocked at the behaviour of some of the young women and the sort of things they allowed the young men to do to them. “These girls have to start letting these guys come to their standards and not allow themselves to fall for anything less,” Robinson implored. He said the fact that some of the pictures taken that night have been published on the Internet could spell disaster for their aspirations. “Suppose you want to apply for your dream job and these pictures resurface, it would surely hamper whatever you want do,” he stated.

The Aquatic Club has played host to many major shows and Robinson says he wants his club to be utilized with respect anytime it is used. (KW)