Shalex grabs 8th place
June 12, 2009
Shalex grabs 8th place

Shalex Bailey of the Cane End Government School is on top of the world after scoring the highest grade for General Paper in the Common Entrance Examinations.{{more}}

The 11-year-old was outstanding in that subject area, with a grade of 96.67 per cent. His performance in English (81.18 per cent) and Mathematics (95 per cent) assisted in propelling him to third position for boys and 8th overall at the National Level.

The son of Pastor Walter Bailey and Yvonne Bailey said: “It (The Common Entrance Examinations) was not that challenging. I knew I had passed, but when I got the news I was really happy and excited.”

Shalex stated that he studied a lot, did his homework at all times, and borrowed lots of books from his school’s Library, which he read at home.

He hopes to attend the St.Vincent Grammar School in the new academic year, and plans to pursue his dream of becoming an author or a veterinarian.

Pastor Bailey of the New Testament Church of God, Hopewell, sat with his son during the interview. The elated father said when he heard of his son’s accomplishments he was excited, but it did not come as a surprise.

“I know that he would have brought home something that we could have rejoiced. He was showing himself a brilliant student up to the Common Entrance,” said Pastor Bailey.

“Sometimes when I didn’t even think of checking his books, he would say “You’re not checking my books,” said Pastor Bailey, adding that his wife is also excited about Shalex’s performance.

Shalex’s grade six teacher, Rouna Burke, described him as a focused student, who likes to read.

Burke said she is a little disappointed that Shalex did not get over 90 per cent for English, as he was the strongest student in that area. However, she is “satisfied that he did himself well”. (HN)