Richard John makes Kingstown Preparatory School proud
June 5, 2009
Richard John makes Kingstown Preparatory School proud


by Jamila Soso-Vincent

Richard John of the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS), only had to wait one week to find out that he had snatched the coveted top position in the Common Entrance Examination – with an overall score of 94.35 percent.{{more}}

Speaking to SEACRHLIGHT, Richard was at a genuine loss for words as he tried to convey how he felt about his success. However, it was evident from his ear-to-ear grin, which could rival that of ‘Alice in Wonderland’s’ Cheshire cat, that he was extremely elated. “I wanted to come in the top 5, so I could get a scholarship from Building and Loan!” he chuckled.

Richard, son of teachers Cheryl and Andrew John, gained 91.67 per cent, 94.7 per cent and 96.67 per cent in General Paper, English and Mathematics, respectively.

His mother, a teacher at KPS, had no doubt that he would place high, but in the week running up to the examination, she became worried. On Monday, May 25th, Richard fell ill and had to be kept home from school until Friday morning – the day the examination was written! When he got to the examination centre, a heavy nosebleed threatened to negatively affect his performance. “I was a bit skeptical then, of his chances at topping the exam,” his mother admitted.

However, the nosebleed subsided, and Richard, a naturally cool customer, went into his examination with a new t-shirt and freshly wiped nose; and proved that it takes a lot more to put him off his game. He explained that once the exam was done, he felt a huge sense of relief, and was glad it was done and dusted. “It was finally over!”

Excited about attending the St. Vincent Grammar School in September, Richard showed that he is not just about the academics. He enjoys reading books, and is particularly partial to the science-fiction genre. He also loves playing computer games, and is a bit of a whiz at playing the piano. Soon he will be sitting his Grade 3 theory examination. “He usually passes with distinction!” his mother beamed.

Richard expressed his gratitude to all his class teachers for their encouragement and support, especially his teachers Samuel Holder and Jacqueline Charles, who are undoubtedly proud of his achievement. Even his classmates flocked around to pat him on the back – seemingly excited for him. One of his friends, Franeek Joseph, appeared to be particularly proud of him. “We knew he would come first all along!”

Headteacher Morine Williams was also elated. “We’re delighted! And that’s an understatement…” Williams explained that there had always been high hopes for Richard because he has always been hard working. “He has been a very diligent student…”

Congratulations go out to you, Richard, from the entire SEARCHLIGHT team, on a job well done!