Ministry holds one-day workshop for farmers
June 5, 2009
Ministry holds one-day workshop for farmers

Fifteen vegetable farmers in agricultural region three who attended a one-day workshop are now able to identify and treat a number of pests and diseases that affect vegetables.{{more}}

The workshop covered topics such as soil or medium preparation for seedlings, including management and care, to transplanting and harvesting high quality vegetables.

Agricultural Officer Noel Samuel, who conducted the in-house session, said this is all part of the Ministry’s drive to alleviate the perennial shortage of vegetable seedlings that affects farmers and prevents them from producing at optimum levels.

Samuel said previously there were many complaints of the lack of available seedlings to farmers, even though there have been other persons who invested in seedling production to fill the demand which could not be supplied by the two major agricultural stations at Dumbarton and New Grounds. He said there is now a higher demand for seedlings, as more farmers are now diversifying into vegetable farming.

At the end of the Power point presentation and discussions, the farmers then visited the farm of Frederick Ollivierre, who demonstrated and explained effective methods of seedling preparation, and transplanting. Ollivierre took the time to explain the importance of applying loving and tender care to plants. This he said will result in a bountiful harvest.

The workshop was held at the New Grounds Agricultural Station on Thursday, May 28, 2009. Similar workshops will be conducted throughout St. Vincent.