June 5, 2009
CED seminar to start soon

Thirty persons are hoping to improve their supervisory skills at a seminar on “Supervisory Management Techniques for the Private and Public Sector” next week.

The seminar, organized by the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc. (CED) Business Gateway Project, takes place on June 10th and 11th.{{more}} It is designed to provide persons in supervisory positions and those aspiring to such positions with the essential skills and techniques that will help them to function effectively in their role as supervisors within their various organizations, thereby helping them to excel in their career while enabling the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

“We introduced this seminar on “Supervisory Management Techniques for the Private and Public Sector” last year and due to the number of persons who requested the training we had to host two instead of one seminar,” says PRO, Keisha Phillips. “In total forty-seven persons benefitted from those two seminars.”

Among the areas that will be covered at the seminar are The Role of the Supervisor and Building Your Supervisory Techniques. The training exercises will teach participants how to make the change to being a supervisor; identify the characteristics of effective supervisors; plan and organize; develop guidelines for delegating effectively; create motivational strategies to boost performance; manage performance and maintain discipline; how to deal with people problems; manage conflicts; and effective communication skills.

Business Consultant Monica Thomas-Woodley will conduct the seminar, which takes place at The Knowledge Institute. 9:00-4:00 p.m.