May 22, 2009
CED outreach programme goes to Union Island

The Centre for Enterprise Development Inc. Business Gateway Project took its Public Outreach Campaign to Union Island earlier this week.{{more}}

The Campaign, which was launched in the Grenadines, with a two-day exhibition and one-on-one counselling in Bequia, seeks to sensitize members of the general public about the Business Gateway Project and the services it offers.

On Wednesday, May 20th, a two-member team visited Union Island, where they conducted the sensitization exercise at the Tourism Office in Clifton from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Manager of Business Incubators, Claudette Murray, reported that the Bequia exercise was productive, as they were able to interact with a number of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.

“Many persons were willing to admit the deficiencies in their businesses and were happy that we [CED Business Gateway] are offering the necessary technical assistance,” Murray said.

“A number of persons thought it would be more beneficial if we were offering ongoing training in the form of workshops on the island. However, the general feedback was that most persons had a preference for one-one one interaction in their working environment and would welcome a Business Development Officer on their premises to perform the necessary diagnostics and ascertain how to make their businesses viable.”

Murray said they collected the contact information from interested entrepreneurs and will be following up with them shortly to put an action plan in place.

The Campaign will move to Canouan in early June at a date to be announced.