Calder Government School gets assistance from SVGSIF
May 22, 2009
Calder Government School gets assistance from SVGSIF

The Calder Government School, will soon have more support in tackling literacy problems currently faced by students.

On May 11, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Social Investment Fund (SVGSIF), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Parent Teacher Association for assistance with the development of a Library and Learning Facility at the school.{{more}}

SVGSIF will provide EC$30,000 which will be used to purchase six computers, books for the library, teaching software and refurbish the room that will house the facility.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held on the school’s compound, principal of the school, Erline James said she hoped the facility would be a “springboard for advancement in the academic performance of the students.

“I encourage teachers and students to strive for these attributes; high expectations for students, emphasis on basic skills, commitment to academic excellence.”

She said the PTA was happy to collaborate with SVGSIF, to share the responsibility for the children’s education and academic success.

“Today we have acknowledged the Social Investment Fund as an asset to our school development,” she said.

James said the children were at risk and she appreciated the partnership between the PTA, the Ministry of Education and the SVGSIF in meeting the needs the children attending the school.

Senior Education Officer, Jacqueline Browne, told the students the implementation of the project was not only timely, but also very important.

She said the management team of the school has, improving literacy at the school, as one of its main objectives, and aims at having each child, reading at one grade higher than his/her level.

She continued: “If you are going to learn to read, you need to have books, you need to have the support material and your Library and Resource Centre are key to learning.”

She also expressed gratitude to SVGSIF for its contribution to the project.

Reiterating James’ point of the importance of the project, Chief Executive Officer of SVGSIF Bentley Browne, said the students were venturing out into a new level of learning.

“Knowledge is becoming increasingly footloose,” he said. He told the students it was important that they prepare for the world ahead.

“The world of work, the world of living,” he explained.

The SVGSIF has so far assisted the Lowmans Leeward Primary School and the Lowmans Windward Anglican Primary schools with similar projects.