Lime appoints  new managers
May 15, 2009
Lime appoints new managers

As LIME continues its restructuring program, three new managers have been appointed in an effort to serve its customers better. Garcia Cato-Sutherland, Khalique Bailey and Duane Samuel all came through a rigorous interview and selection process to fill vacant positions in the retail and corporate sale area of the business.{{more}}

Bailey has been working with Cable and Wireless/LIME for twenty years and has extensive training in Information Technology and Data. His experience in this field will bring tremendous value to customers in his new position as Manager Provision and Restoration of Services in the Residential Sales and Services area of the business.

“Change is inevitable and the transformation from engineering to the commercial areas of the business will make me a more rounded person. I started working here as a technician and moved up the ranks to manage people and systems in Information Technology (IT). This year is dubbed the year of service and my short term goal is to drastically improve the delivery of customer service and to reduce the time taken to provide and restore services to our customers. Looking down the road I want LIME to be the provider of choice as a result of the improved service,” said Bailey.

Garcia Cato-Sutherland also started working with Cable and Wireless/LIME as a technician and worked for three years before moving to USA where she attained her degree in Network Communications Management.

“Having a technological background with an interest in sales can be regarded, in this field, as one of life’s ideals. Product knowledge makes it easier to find solutions and respond to customers needs. LIME is developing lifestyle consultants so that customers would not only have solutions at their work places, but our lifestyle consultants would be able to offer solutions that will bring benefits to them in every aspect of their lives,” quipped Cato-Sutherland.

One of LIME’s objectives is to create a better place for Caribbean customers and colleagues and these three talented managers are poised to deliver the quality service and at the same time develop themselves as future leaders in the organization. Duane Samuel, Corporate Service Manager, started with Cable and Wireless/LIME as an Operator and worked as a technician in the Information Services department for over five years. Duane will work along with the Corporate Sales team as they design solutions for our corporate customers.

“This is an exciting challenge for me and the knowledge acquired over the years sets me in good stead as we work to make a difference to our customers’ lifestyle,” said Duane.

Head of Corporate Sales, Cicyln Joseph commented “Previously the sales and services areas sat in two different areas of the business and in this new structure, these appointments are in line with having these areas covered to reduce conflicts in priorities, hence delivering better service to our customers.”

As the restructuring programme continues, new opportunities will emerge and LIME will be in a great position to deliver quality service on time in this year of service.