May 8, 2009
No suspected cases of the swine flu virus in SVG

The Ministry of Health is reassuring all Vincentians that there is no suspected case/s of the swine flu virus in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

According to Health officials, two Mexican workers arrived on the island of Mustique on April 26th having departed Mexico City the previous day. Their travel originated in Mexico City, from where they travelled to Mustique via Caracas and Piarco International Airport.

Upon arrival in Mustique, they were quarantined by medical officials, a release from the Ministry said.

On April 39th, four days after departure from Mexico, one of the workers developed flu like symptoms. He was treated locally and relevant samples for testing were taken on April 30th and sent to the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC) in Trinidad.

This sample has since been reported as negative for Influenza A, (the family of Virus which Swine Flu virus belongs). Hence both persons have since been released from quarantine.

The medical authorities on Mustique Company are being commended for their excellent cooperation in this matter.

“We continue to maintain a high level of vigilance at our ports of entry and there is an ongoing planning by the relevant authorities to monitor the progress of the disease internationally,” the release from the Ministry of Health said.