Hitz 103.7 Launches Carnival for 2009
May 8, 2009
Hitz 103.7 Launches Carnival for 2009

This year saw a break in tradition for Hitz 103.7, one of Carnival’s Platinum sponsors when for the 1st time, it became the 1st station in SVG to go 100 per cent soca on the 1st May, one day before the official Launch of Vincy Mas. Going 100 per cent soca also saw the Launching of ‘Carnival Survivors’, the station’s theme for Vincy Mas 2009.{{more}}

According to Candice Sealey, Head of Sales & Marketing, the decision was a well thought through one. She further added that Hitz 103.7 sees itself as leader in entertaining the public during the Carnival season, supporting local music as well as new and upcoming artistes. The theme, ‘Carnival Survivors’ was chosen to highlight the fact the Hitz 103.7 is involved in all aspects of Carnival and as such will always be ‘the last ones’ standing, therefore, a survivor; the idea is further supported by creative and dramatic station identifications and staff endorsements as to how Hitz 103.7 is a Carnival Survivor, how one survives Carnival and how announcers/Djs have survived carnival in the past and will do so this year.

The novel idea of survival kits will also be incorporated into the station’s Carnival activities. According to Sealey, the station will be providing survival kits which will contain all the necessities to survive Vincy Mas 2k9. Coincidentally, the station’s annual Soca event, Soca Swing, scheduled for Sunday May 31st at Victoria Park, is also being themed ‘Carnival Survivors’, with patrons being asked to consider how they will keep up and what their Soca Swing Survival story will be. Soca Swing Carnival Survival Kits will also be given away on air, during various promotions as well as on the night of the show. The 1st leg of this being on the 2nd May, when the Hitz 103.7 Road Crew, various artistes and sponsors took over the Windward side of the island to promote the Launch.

With Carnival at the top of its agenda, the station has announced that it intends to be the ultimate source for Carnival information through systematic Carnival programming where all aspects of carnival will be welcomed for interviews among other things; the stations website as well as its Facebook page will also be enhanced with updates concerning its Mas bands, various Carnival Shows and other independent activities with which it is affiliated.