West St. George Secondary School Young Leaders go green
April 24, 2009
West St. George Secondary School Young Leaders go green

The West St. George Secondary School is this year participating in the RBTT’s young Leaders project for the first time. The theme for this year’s project is “Green Revolution: Global Challenge, Regional Responsibility, National Focus”.{{more}}

We at the West St George Secondary School are convinced that every green action counts no matter how small. Thus our aim is to contribute to the fight (the green revolution) by doing our part to keep SVG Clean and Sustainably Green by Beautifying the Scene and encouraging persons from the smallest child to the oldest adult to make a difference in their community. Together, we can accept the challenge and the responsibility and focus not only on beautifying our own scene, but Keeping SVG Clean and Sustainably Green, in an effort to combat the environmental crisis that now threatens the very thread of our existence.

Here are some tips to assist all of us in safeguarding our island and promoting a healthier earth. These tips are based on the 4 R’s:

Reuse: Drop the plastic bag – Plastic bags account for one percent of all buried garbage and take up to 100 years to decompose. The next time you go to the grocery store take along plastic bags you have used already or reusable tote/shopping bags.

Reduce: Conserve water – turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and don’t leave it running while washing the dishes. If you have a dishwasher make the most economical use of it or if you only have a few pieces of crockery wash them by hand.

Repair: Fix, don’t toss – Radios, television, computers and appliances can be repaired or upgraded rather than thrown out with slightest trouble. Some of these can be repaired at a minimum cost.

Recycle: Collect plastic and glass bottles and take them to recycling companies or donate used clothes and other items to charities like the Salvation Army.

Me Backyard
Dis ah me backyard,
Hair nah nayba me nah go ah tolerate yo gabage in ah me backyard
School pickney! Nah throw yo gabage in ah me yard needer
Carse dis a fo me backyard
Dis ah me backyard,
So me nah whar no Busta & Chubby Battle
No diapa, no gabage, plastic, nar else
Carse dis a fo me backyard
Dis ah me backyard
Yo eva see darg mess in he own yard if e nah tie
Well mek sure kno me nah ah mess up your yard, nah mess up fo me own kneeder
Carse dis a fo me backyard.