Sheep gives birth  to headless lamb
April 17, 2009
Sheep gives birth to headless lamb

A Diamond resident is convinced that the birth of an abnormal lamb is a sign of the “Coming of Christ.”

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, encountered the abnormal remains of the birth on the morning of Thursday, 9th April, 2009, at her neighbour’s home.{{more}} The woman, who was at home at a time, was alerted by another neighbour and was shown the fresh birth, which was resting on a lettuce bed. The sheep, which had normal births before, had given birth to two lambs and as well as the abnormal one that morning. When the sheep were discovered, the mother was feeding the two normal newborn sheep, which according to the woman are still alive.

“I felt funny, just like I was going to faint,” the startled resident recalled feeling upon seeing the abnormality. The woman, who took pictures of the deformity, stated that her neighbour, a sheepherder, was not as eager to report it to the press, but she asked his permission to do so.

The birth appears to be a circular mass covered in fur and separated with two footlike limbs. According to the woman, the birth appeared to have no bones.

The woman, a fellow farmer and sheepherder, confessed that she has never seen anything like it in her life. “I live all my life – fifty plus years and I never saw something like that before,” she said. She has shown the pictures to several persons, who she says, all say that it is a sign that the coming of Christ is near.

The woman also agrees. “Remember the Bible say at the end of times, there will be signs and wonders… the Lord is close… “Cause I never see something like that before,” she said. (OS)