Digicel continues to support cuture in SVG
April 17, 2009
Digicel continues to support cuture in SVG


While most companies are veering away from sponsorships and cutting costs, Digicel continues to do its best to support culture in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Last Monday, at the hard court of Bishop’s College in Kingstown, during the launch of Digicel Nelson Bloc’s 2009 production ‘Future Shock’, Digicel’s Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche handed over some a cheque to Public Relations Officer of the Mas Band Shaun Brewster.

Digicel has been aiding the nine-time winner of the Band of the Year title for six consecutive years.

Said Brewster: “Since Digicel came into St.Vincent and the Grenadines they have supported sports and culture and this is one of the things that we commend them for in that as soon as they came into the market they started to help one of the best bands in St.Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Brewster added that the contribution from the telecommunications company “helps tremendously because we have to do shopping overseas because locally the market does not supply us with all the materials that we need to build the mas so we have to go to Trinidad and sometimes America to shop so it helps us very very much”.

When questioned about Digicel Nelson Bloc’s production Future Shock, Brewster explained that the mas was designed by Oswald Ozzie Constance and chronicles man’s journey through life and the way in which he deals with his environment. Brewster commented: “Constance continues to be a tower of strength for the band and we look forward to many more productions”.

A release from Digicel Nelosn Bloc explains: “Future Shock takes place when too much change occurs in a short space of time, resulting in a shattering of the natural order of things and a disruption in the harmony between man and nature”.

The release goes on: “Digicel Nelson Bloc’s 2009 Vincy Mas presentation chronicles Man’s journey through those turbulent times and shows that although he teeters on the very brink of extinction the path to redemption is not beyond reach’.

The ten sections of the band are: Acid rain, UV Rays, Bling Bling, Stemnotic, Freaks, Enimaf, Shattered souls, Frontier soldiers, Aeoluites and Rejuvenation.

Digicel Nelson Block placed second in the Band of the Year Competition last year.