Pompey is now Patriarch
April 3, 2009
Pompey is now Patriarch

Spiritual Baptist throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines turned out in large numbers at St. Mary’s Spiritual Baptist Cathedral, Overland, on Sunday 22nd March 2009 to witness the Institution with Honour bestowed on their longest serving Archbishop, His Eminence Cosmore Matthias Pompey to become the Lord’s Anointed Patriarch.{{more}}

The ceremony coincided with the Cathedral’s 50th anniversary celebrations, with Patriarch Pompey being its founder and the only survivor of the 50 years.

The arrival of Patriarch Pompey into the Cathedral was signaled and led by Bishop Melford Pompey, his son, carrying the Crozier, followed by an entourage, met by the Archdiocesan Council at the main door. As the Patriarch made his way down the isle, many persons shed tears, with hands clapping, drums beating, bells ringing as the congregation led by the Cathedral Choir sang, “Hushed was the evening hymn” accompanied by the organ.

Delivering the sermon from Colossian 3:1, Bishop Pompey warned the congregation that it is time “we seek the things which are above”. Using the Patriarch as an example, he pointed to the life he lived which provided a good example as his affection is always set on the things above. He hailed the Patriarch as a Stalwart, pioneer, hero, fighter, hence, deserving such honour. While he said he is happy to carry on the legacy of his father at the St. Mary’s Cathedral, Bishop Pompey reminded those present that his mission is not about leadership, it is about service.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves congratulated Patriarch Pompey and presented him with a token of appreciation for his outstanding service.

Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Montgomery Daniel and Mrs. Daniel were among other specially invited guests.

With Patriarch Pompey now the first official Patriarch of the Spiritual Baptist, it means the Archdiocese will continue to recognize him as the supreme Ecclesiastical Juridicator and will appoint a new archbishop and primate within 90 days.

The ceremony was presided over by Bishop Frank Simon with Bishop Edmund John officiating and anointing the Patriarch.

The St. Mary’s Spiritual Baptist Cathedral celebrated its Golden Anniversary under the theme “keep the fire burning”.