Expect nothing but the best from ‘Fryktion’
April 3, 2009
Expect nothing but the best from ‘Fryktion’

Ramon “Fryktion” McDowall comes off as a nonchalant youngster with a fiery passion for his music. And with an arsenal equipped with hit song after hit song, there’s seems to be no slowing down this music producer extraordinaire.{{more}}

McDowall is the mastermind behind Shertz “Problem Child” James’ smash Soca hits, “Party Animal” in 2007 and “For Life” in 2008. Since he first jumped onto the scene in 2006, this Layou native has chalked up quite an impressive portfolio.

This self-taught pianist has worked with local talents such as Jamesy P, Kevin Lyttle, Skarpyon and Trinidadian Marlon Asher just to name a few. And with the Carnival season just a few months away, McDowall has already started working on material for Vincy Mas 2009. He has already produced a song called “Drinks Reach” for Problem Child and 2008 Soca Monarch Champ, Gamal “Skinny Fabolous” Doyle, which has been tearing up the local radio stations. “This year, Vincentians can expect nothing but the best, its pure heat,” said Fryktion.

In his first ever interview, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from his New York home via telephone, McDowall stated that it all started back when he was in Grade 6, then called Junior 5, at the Kingstown Preparatory School, when his mother bought him a keyboard. “I didn’t know how to read music or anything, so I always use to fiddle with the keys and that was how I learnt,” Mc Dowall disclosed. After migrating to the United States in 2001, McDowall attended college to pursue his first dream of becoming an accountant. He soon realized this field was not for him. Unfortunately the college he was attending did not have a music programme, so he could not transfer to the area in which he had real interest.

“I just called my mom and told her I can’t handle the school thing and she was very supportive of my decision. I don’t have any regrets to this date. I’m doing what I love most and I am my own boss, which makes it even better,” he chuckled.

Describing his music as a fusion of possibly every genre, including his first love: soca, rock and hip hop, Mc Dowall noted that his inspiration to do musical beats comes from the elements that surround him on a daily basis. “It doesn’t take much for me. Sometimes I wake up on mornings and the beats pop up in my head and I just go in my studio and lay down the tracks,” he stated.

For this young prodigy, music is skin deep. Literally! Mc Dowall has a tattoo emblazoned across his upper back bearing the words, “My Muzik, My Lyfe”. He noted that he cannot envisage working in any area other than music. McDowall’s musical influences tread the line of the great ones such as Alston “Beckett” Cyrus, Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Dr. Dre and Parry Jack.

As usual, this time of year proves once again to be hectic for the young talent. Mc Dowall is currently working with current Road March king, Gary “Icon” John, Landlord and Top Notch Swift. Even though he is in constant demand, McDowall still manages to set aside time for his personal life. “When am not doing music, I spend quality time with my daughter, she comes first for me. But when is music time, I’m in my zone,” McDowall related.

As for his future plans, McDowall says that he would like to have his music heard the world over and is looking forward to working with Barbadian songbird, Rihanna, Machel Montano and Destra Garcia. “I want to work with any and everyone who is musically inclined,” McDowall added. Singing is the only thing he claims that he has not added to his repertoire as yet and is just waiting for the right time to drop his hit song. McDowall can be reached on the Myspace website at: www.myspace.com/fryktion.