Dr. J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary launches Young Leaders programme
March 27, 2009
Dr. J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary launches Young Leaders programme

The Dr. J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School (DJPEMSS) Young Leaders launched their bid for the 2009 RBTT Young Leaders title at a ceremony held on the school grounds last Tuesday, 24 March.{{more}}

Under the theme, “The Green Revolution – Global Challenge, Regional Responsibility, National Focus”, the DJPEMSS introduced their manifesto which according to president, Krystal Hannaway, details the club’s plan to help make a more sustainable world.

While winning the competition is at the fore of the club’s objectives, the J.P Eustace Young Leaders are quick to say they hope to achieve more in the way of changing people’s thinking about the environment in the long term.

Apart from the club’s main project, which is creating a permaculture garden on a vacant plot behind the school’s science laboratory, Jonqiue Derrick, 2009 Young Leader Documentarian, said they are presently planting trees and recycling paper and plastic materials and converting them to craft items.

According to Principal (ag) Descima Hamilton, the entire school has also adopted a ‘greener’ attitude with its ‘No Bottle’ policy.

This policy, which encourages students to bring a plastic cup from home in which to drink beverages bought at the tuck shop, should help reduce the number of plastic bottles and cups discarded on school grounds and elsewhere. “Once each student does his or her part,” she said, “it would go a long way.”

Speaking to Searchlight after the ceremony, Oleisha Duncan, an English and History teacher at the school said the permaculture (permanent agriculture or permanent culture) garden, once completed, would demonstrate the values of a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Duncan also disclosed that members of the Young Leaders club are expected to have a discussion with members of the Ozone Unit from the Ministry of Health and the Environment about CFCs

on Star FM sometime next week.

There are also plans to have a motorcade in the near future, with stops around the country to sensitise the public about critical environmental issues.

Guest speaker at the launch, Senior Forestry Supervisor from the Forestry Department in the Ministry of Agriculture Fitzgerald Providence said it was important to be present at the launch because his department recognises the need to educate students about the preservation of the environment. Providence revealed

that it is the Forestry Department’s hope that students would take what they have learnt beyond the school’s boundaries and into the wider community.

The ceremony also saw the introduction of the competition’s theme song “Green Revolution” which, according to Providence, should be released on Earth Day, 22 April, 2009.

The song’s writer, Damion Mactair, also spoke at the ceremony.

Invited guests included the Young Leaders’ groups from the Bishop’s College and St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown. (SC)