March 20, 2009
Elderly caregivers to work with blind

20 elderly care givers this week received additional training, making them better able to work with elderly persons who are blind.{{more}}

The one-day seminar, hosted by the National Society of and for the Blind and the Ministry of National Mobilization and funded by the Social Investment Fund, took place at the Lion’s den in Kingstown.

The participants were trained by Sister Anne Anderson and Gloria Holder. Anderson, a registered nurse, dealt with areas such as geriatric care and communication, while Holder, who works with the blind, showed the caregivers ways to make working with the vision challenged easier.

Director of the Department of National Mobilization Eli Francis, who was at the opening ceremony, said that programmes such as these were extremely important for not only the participants but also the elderly.

He said that there is always need for training of these caregivers, which in turn means that the aged clients will receive improved service.

An evaluation exercise took place at the end of the seminar, during which participants and facilitators discussed what was practiced that day and problems and potential problems that the caregivers encounter while in the field, and how these issues can best be addressed.

There are over 90 registered elderly caregivers who work at various institutions throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (JJ)