March 20, 2009
Dabreo wants answers

Businessman Leon Dabreo is demanding answers: How could a public road be destroyed by a contractor, if it is still inconclusive that permission to do so has been given by the Physical Planning department?{{more}}

The road in question is a 20-foot wide concrete road, which joins the main road in Arnos Vale across from Highway Trading to the Cane Hall residence and business place of Dabreo, a retired Mechanic.

The removal of the road is to make way for a three-storey building which would include a supermarket and a drive thru Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant, to be developed by another businessman, Ken Boyea.

“My objection is not what he is going to do here,” Dabreo told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday at the site. “But it’s the idea of this building coming across which would mean the closing of the road.”

The road, before it was destroyed, led to Dabreo’s residence, which is next to another business place, the Farmers’ Market Bakery.

Dabreo claims that the road was an alternative to driving into Cane Hall and was more accessible for drivers who were visiting business places in that area.

Dabreo indicated that he, too, has plans of constructing in the area, and said that the road would have been ideal for what he had planned, and would have fit into Boyea’s plans with some adjustments.

Dabreo further claims that he met with officials at the Physical Planning Department who indicated to him that no decision had been made on the plan submitted by Boyea, which according to an upset Dabreo does not even have his residence or property anywhere on the document.

He claims that he even offered an alternative to what was suggested by Boyea, and was told that his ideas would be given some consideration.

“No decision is taken on the matter, yet the man gone and dig up the road. How could anybody sit down and allow this to happen? This is gross disrespect!”

Dabreo believes that an amicable solution could be reached in the matter, but in the mean time he is wondering if the powers that be would request that the road be repaired until a decision is made.

“He want the whole hog. I am saying, put the shoe on the other foot, would Ken Boyea allow Leon Dabreo to do this?”

“Right now it leaves me to believe that there is double standard in this country.”

A call to Boyea by SEARCHLIGHT at his offices in Kingstown resulted in a “No Comment” reply from the prominent businessman, while Anthony Bowman, Director of Physical Planning indicated that his board was “…addressing a matter that is before us and we will make a decision on what needs to be done on that.” (JJ)