March 20, 2009
Calypso Tent hoping for early start

At least one calypso tent is hoping for an early start of the 2009 calypso season.{{more}}

Members of the North South Leeward Calypso Tent will gather at the residence of tent leader ‘Observer’ in Campden Park tomorrow, where they will be discussing among other things, the possibility of beginning tent action as early as next month.

Executive members of the band are hoping that the membership would jump from 16 this year, and are asking interested persons in the area to attend the meeting.

According to one member, the North South Leeward Tent has made ‘satisfactory’ representation over the last few years, with calypsonian ‘I-come’ making it to the finals in 2007 and ‘Bosalt’ last year.

The tent has fielded a number of other semifinalists and finalists over the past years. (JJ)