March 13, 2009
Tribute to Larry Bascombe

by Aubrey Burgin 13.MAR.09

I became acquainted with Larry Bascombe sometime in the 1980s and got to know him much better through his involvement in sports and his views on issues related to national development.

He was always a fearless individual who stood his ground on numerous issues whether Political, Social, or otherwise, on the local, regional or international arena.{{more}} He maintained his independence of thought and never waivered. While others thrived on petty and personality issues, Larry delved into areas of important national discourse even though highly controversial.

He never succumbed to any political enticements and was once an Independent candidate in the Marriaqua constituency. He was not just a lover of Sports but had an aggressive passion for any sporting discipline and always believed that we could do much better whether at the competitive or administrative level.

Larry once participated in one of the longer athletic road races in his wheelchair as attempts were made to have him participate in races for persons with disabilities. His participation, he had opined, was to show that physical disabilities are not total deterrents to active participation.

Larry was a mechanic and a mishap while working caused him to be paralysed from the waist down. This was a setback but not a deterrent. In spite of his condition, he could be seen at numerous sporting activities especially in the Marriaqua valley about which he was very passionate. His views on sports were very extensive and he was much more than a regular contributor to sports news, commentaries or discussions. The eloquence and sometimes wittiness with which he expressed his views on sporting and other national issues were testimony to the love and passion he held for SVG “the Nation State of St.Vincent and the Grenadines” (One of his favourite quotes).

One of his legs had to be amputated a few years ago and on a visit to the MCMH, I spoke to Larry. He was in his usual jovial mood never seeking refuge in his condition, but expressing the view that once one is alive and capable, one needs to contribute where possible in nation building. Larry was a true Nationalist and often spoke of the need for Vincentians to be put first in respect of national development.

Sometimes he was very controversial, but maintained positions which he espoused without fear or favour, irrespective of other views which he respected.

Larry was the President of the Marriaqua Sports Association and also served in other capacities. He was the Public Relations Officer of the SVG Football Federation until his ailing health forced him to vacate that position. He was quite visible at Victoria Park during the soujourn of the Vincy Heat Football Team’s matches in 2008, getting a firsthand view of all the proceedings which he summed up so eloquently in his reports on radio.

Larry was a Commentator on WE FM’s morning programme and his views on numerous issues and topics were very well expounded. His commentaries were varied and well articulated in his usual forceful manner. Larry was never afraid of a challenge and I am sure that he carried this right to the end.

Lawrence ‘Larry’ Bascombe will live in the memories of those who knew him in person and those by his very powerful voice. May his soul find eternal rest.